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The 2012 World Championship of Chess!

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    But how would you define what an 'opening' is? How many of the first moves would have to be the same? And also what about transpositions - different move orders resulting in the same positions?

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    madhacker I believe that not allowing to repeat first two halfmoves will be enough to add some variety to the game.

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    Not  bad idea at all!!!Makes things very interesting.

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    Seriously? So if I start the first game with 1.d4, and you reply 1...d5, then in the third game when I have white again and I play 1.d4 again, you are not allowed to play 1...d5?

    This would just result in inferior moves being played... That is unless players find ways around it which they inevitably would. For example, if you wanted to play the semi-slav against my 1.d4, you could start with d5, c6, e6, Nf6 all resulting in the same position.

    I think the 'variety' has to come from within and trying to impose it artificially would mess the game up. Eventually someone is going to have to take some risk unless they are both happy to settle it on the blitz games, which I doubt somehow. Let's see how the game goes today. I tend to think that the next time Anand has white, in game 6, he might try something else, as he's got nothing really so far with his white opening.

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    jesterville wrote:

    I think even thought all the 4 games have been drawn, this match is pretty exciting so far. Most chess games are drawn at this level

    To me it isn't one of the more exciting title matches this far, and it's unusual with many draws at the start. Anand-Topalov had three decisive games in the first four games, Anand-Kramnik had three decisive in the first six, and Kramnik's three previous title matches all had at least one decisive result in the first two games. Excitement isn't just about decisive games though but the start has been rather dry here.

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    madhacker, I meant that both first halfmoves should not be repeated. Or they can be repeated but only twice in a match. So I am fine to play 1.d4 two times, and you are fine to reply with 1...d5 twice.This means that you have to plan your opening move strategy for the match, because you've got only a limited number of tries before your favourite opening sort of 'expires' :D

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    Ok, so if two games go 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5, and in the next game you play 1. d4 e6 2. e4, can I then play 2. d5?

    This seems dead overcomplicated to me.

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    madhacker, yes you can, but you don't have to. Anyway it was just a brainstorming idea. Let's hope that today's game will be quite intriguing without such kludges.

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                                  GAME FIVE

     Good morning! It was nice to wake up to all the interesting comments and information in this thread. I, like everyone else, would like to see some decisive games, and perhaps we'll start with today's game! After the last day-off, Anand and Gelfand played the game of the match thus far, in game three, and I expect to see a tense competition today. 

    I'm having a nice cup of spiced chai and a brownie. It's an overcast day where I'm at, with rain expected. Great day to cuddle up to the world chess championshipWink

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    Hi trysts...top of the morning to you...now pray tell, what is spiced chai? A type of tea maybe?

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    jesterville wrote:

    Hi trysts...top of the morning to you...now pray tell, what is spiced chai? A type of tea maybe?

    Hi, jesterville! Yes, it's a spicey teaSmile

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    Hooray ! e4 !

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    They open with the Sicilian defence. Joel Lautier is today's commentator at the home site. I've got a good feeling about this gameWink

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    It's a Sicilian defence, Pelikan opening. Whoops sorry, Sveshnikov opening.

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    wow...1.e4 1...c5  This will be great.

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    Does Anand only have 1 jumper?

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    Scottrf wrote:

    Does Anand only have 1 jumper?


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    Well...with Gelfand leaving the board so soon...either he is in prep, or lots more snacks in the back Laughing.

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    No Scottrf...Anand has many I am sure...but this is his "lucky one"...


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