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The 2012 World Championship of Chess!

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                                  GAME TWO

     Good morning! The second game of the world chess championship is about to get underway. Tea today, coffee is a bit too strong for me this morning. I've got my board all set up, and I'm surrounded by a bunch of pillows. It looks like another lovely day, so I'll probably move to the yard at about nine. 

    @DaBigOne: I personally, am not a fan of Nigel Short because of the obituary, the handshake that didn't happen, and his overall smugness.

    @woodshover: Could have been Aronian!

    @Charlotte: I agree.

    My impressions of yesterday's game was more about how things looked. Like, they look like they're playing in a glass encaged room at the U.N. building. They both look like 40 year old grandmasters. I am pretty sure that's how I pictured grandmasters to look like, or if they had long beards. Gelfand plays with his nose a lot. Anand is near expressionless. 

    We're a few minutes away from the start now, and I'm going to favor Gelfand to win today's gameWink

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    We have the Semi-Slav! I've played through many games with this opening, but I don't recall playing it myself.

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    One thing about such a match as this, is opening theory. Opening theory goes over my head quite often, so I miss what I imagine is an exciting aspect of the match for those people who do put a lot of effort in understanding opening theory. 

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    Yes, it is better for the excitement of the game at the moment, if you don't look at the engine lines, and instead to think what you would do. Grandmaster moves usually correspond with the computer's lines.

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    I guess I should have quoted the comment I was responding toLaughing

    I like that the commentary at the home site is saying that grandmaster chess games should show the draw until I, for instance, can understand it, and not just draw because they are scared to play on.

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    Gelfand is a very expressive personLaughing

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    Many people who comment at Chessbomb must not have struggled to understand chess. They must not have played for years and years, neglecting socializing, and being alone in their house musing over chess positions. I keep reading comments over and over again, about how boring this match is, how it's a draw after 10 moves, and basically how this match shouldn't even be played. Those people should just shut up already. It is the world chess championship, and to me, that is very exciting in-itself for those of us who love the gameSmile

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    DRAW! Now the score is 1 - 1, after two games. The next game is Monday, same time. They are building the tension involved in the importance of winning the first game. Very interesting.

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    Hi trysts,

    I agree with much of what you have said. I think most chess fans...including myself, saw Gelfand as a vegy meal for Anand (since he is veganSmile), but he has shown so far that he is no pushover...in fact, I would say in both games so far, he has held the advantage albeit very small.

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    Hi, jestervilleSmile

     It is very nice to hear that Gelfand is a vegan. Smart manWink These next three weeks will be quite a lot of fun watching them play, because it does look pretty even thus far, and I agree that Gelfand is really a good challenge for Anand!

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    Today the slav was played, and again Gelfand had the better play...although Anand defended precisely.

    I really can't handle Nigel Short...too many ehs and ahs in his communication. On a positive note, he mentioned that he was commenting as if he was on the board looking at the position, rather than viewing the computer analysis, so I found this refreshing...yet, he could have done both. Not enough substance in my opinion...and the "New In Chess Editor" on his left, is even more of a liability. I want more analytical commentary, or at least more analysis.

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    ...no trysts, I meant Anand is a vegan...I doubt very much that Gelfand is a vegan...his expanded middle gives him away I think.Surprisedhar har

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    I was also interested to hear Nigel Short mentioned that the opinion of some GMs is that the games should be played on until the draw in proven...he then let the cat out of the bag by revealing that a lot of times GMs agree to a short draw because they are afraid to go on and loose.

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    jesterville wrote:

    ...no trysts, I meant Anand is a vegan...I doubt very much that Gelfand is a vegan...his expanded middle gives him away I think.har har

    Oh! I misread youLaughing

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    oh...but Gelfand does not look in his 40s...he looks very much older, with his balding hair, and very out of shape physical stature. He also makes these strange facial jestures or contortions Sealed

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    He's got that "My-job-makes-me-sit-on-a-chair-all-day-long" lookLaughing

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    I am not looking forward to the rest day tomorrow...I was just getting into these games... ahhhYell...well, it would then be a great day to see "The Avengers"...so now I am all pumped again...

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    He's got that "My-job-makes-me-sit-on-a-chair-all-day-long" lookLaughing


    yes...you are correct (I am saying this while laughing and almost falling off my chair)...

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    Wow! You still haven't seen it? With the money it's making I thought I was the only one who hasn't seen it.


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