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The 2012 World Championship of Chess!

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    Now we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if Anand is still the tiger.  Congrats to Gelfand, and he'd better get some sleep tonight.  He's going to need all the energy he can get for Monday's game.

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    Wow, what a surprise! Gelfand's first win in 19 years against Anand, and the latter has really looked like a shadow of his former self the last years. Against all players rated above Vallejo it's been draws and losses but not a single win the last 16 months, and he continues to play very unimpressively also in the title match.

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    Argh I missed all this Yell

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    Its not all over yet, but its always harder to keep a title than win it for the first time.

    Anand is a worthy champion , and Im sure will bounce back.

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    Holy cow...I totally missed the fireworks...and the worst part is...I will not be able to see it live tomorrow either.

    Actually, the game looked pretty even until Anand decided to play the risky lines...I guess he now knows why they call it "risky". I actually saw this as Anand loosing, rather than Gelfand winning...but let's not downplay Gelfand's first win on Anand in a very long time. I would love to know what was said at the press conference.

    ...well, it seems that all the negative comments on Anand's motivation and poor play...along with the cry of "lack of fighting spirit" finally got to the Champion (ex??), and he dicided to go for it...and of course lost.

    So, in terms of entertainment value...this is where the 2012 WCC begins. I remember Anand beating Topalov in the final game with black to retain his crown...so we know he is capable. I think the remaining games will be very entertaining, since Anand has to go for it...or he will be forever belittled by being beaten by the weakest of challengers. If there is any gas left in the tank, Vishi has to forget about conservation and go all out.

    Can't wait for the next few games...we will see what kind the house of  Anand is made up of...brick or straw?

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    Anand (black) abandons.    (7th game)

    Conlude this game the you budding grandmasters:

    Could somebody please finish this game off for me for white.

    Gefland wins by the way and he's playing as white.

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    Ng6+ Kg8 Rg7#

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    Yeah the best defence was Rh1+ followed by e1=Q or R+ it doesn't matter and then saccing for the knight on f5. But after ...e1=Q+ its simply forced Ng6+ Kg8 Rg7#

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    Gelfand played a great positional game. Anand's ...Rab8 showed how cramped he was feeling, and ...Ne4 was already starting to take risks in an attempt to gain some activity. ...g5? was fitting within this context.

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    Now that was a real world title game, I'm finally impressed with this face to face.

    (and thanks "All Ways Winner")

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    Anand pushed too hard on this game.  He should have settled for a draw.  We need more drawn games.

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    It's funny, at Chessgames.com Gelfand's recent stats since his latest win against current top five plus Kasparov and Topalov looked like this before today's game against Anand:

    Gelfand-Kasparov 0-13 (no win)

    Gelfand-Anand 0-5 (since latest win in 1993)

    Gelfand-Kramnik 0-4 (since latest win in 1996)

    Gelfand-Topalov 0-3 (since latest win in 1997)

    Gelfand-Radjabov 0-4 (since only win in 2005)

    Gelfand-Carlsen 0-2 (since only win in 2006)

    Gelfand-Aronian 0-2 (since latest win in 2009)

    Bad results for a possible World Champion, but of course the stats against Anand changed with today's game, and suddenly his winning the title actually looks quite possible, and to me that would be the biggest sensation ever in a title match.

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    I've enjoyed reading the comments in this thread. Trysts, thanks for posting the win with annotations. I still think Anand can win the match. He will maybe find ways to lure Gelfand into what looks like drawish positions, then spring winning attacks. Something like what Capablanca did against Rubinstein in Berlin, 1928, when Rubinstein (with the Black pieces) accepted an isolated d pawn early in the game. After 44 moves, Akiba had had enough. Go Vishy! You can do it!

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    keju wrote:

    note how they are encased in a glass box, probably sound proof. people don't think little things affect chess play or should, but they can and do.

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    Thanks for the link Iron Butterfly. Was having trouble finding it

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    However much I would like to see Anand stage a stunning comeback, I don't think he has it in him anymore.  He has looked pretty lacklustre so far, and the loss has obviously shaken him psychologically (based on his demeanor in the press conference).  Of course he's a professional, and he has been beaten before, so hopefully he will move on quickly, and be mentally fit for today's game.

    I hope Vishy proves me wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if game 7 were to be the only decisive game of the match.

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    Enjoy today's game guys...I'm off the grid for the day...

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                                     GAME EIGHT

     Good morning! It's going to be hard to top yesterday's game! After reading all the comments, I'm with those who think Anand will win Gelfand. There is going to be even more pressure on both players, so I don't expect to see the Houdini-like precision of the previous games. I'm quite excited about what Anand does with the white pieces. Anand gets to play the white pieces three times out of the next five games. 

    I really appreciate all the comments. Very enjoyable to read, and reading them immediately gets my mind into the match each morning. Thank you everyone!Smile

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    1. e4 or d4 I wonder ...


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