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The 2012 World Championship of Chess!

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    boy oh boy...the crowd is sure excited...lol

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    Anand opens with the Nimzo-Indian defence as black.

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    The Nimzo! This used to be my favorite defense against D4- maybe I'll be able to follow what's going on for awhile.

    Good morning Trysts!

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    All normal lines? White has an isolated queen pawn in return for better development? Is that the theme of this opening?

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    The isolated pawn clearly indicates that it's going to be an interesting game, maybe one more classic.

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    I guess the good thing for white is that the black bishop can't really join in and attack the white pawn, like it could in a fianchetto system.

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    Interesting opening. There are three ducks in my yard!Laughing

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    Anand is taking time here


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    What is the connection of the ducks with the opening?

    Is it somekind of omen?

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    And he played Rc8

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    Interesting opening. There are three ducks in my yard!Laughing


    Don't let them run away. Catch them.

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    I never thought about a duck omen before?

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    Haha I love those commercials (well seen them to often..). They all seem to be for big Russian companies so they all got an air of illegal funding. Yet their presentation is perfect. And that perfect presentation makes me think of the dark stuff happening behind it even more. The Sberbank telling you to open an account in a Swissbank doesnt help either :D

    Ughh art-break...

    Art break for this topic as well:


    Any thoughts on this work, people?

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    Maybe it means that we will have 3rd game in a row where one of the players will be like a "sitting duck".We will have a win!!!Interesting!!!

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    dekaleaas wrote:

    Any thoughts on this work, people?

    Interesting, but I don't see the overall duck structure of the work.

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    Tony Soprano had issues with ducks, never worked out what it wasUndecided.

    The opening is much played Karpov line...


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