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The 2012 World Championship of Chess!

  • #81

    Do they normally leave the board? What is Gelfand doing? I just put it on.

  • #82

    Timman seems as if he is not comfortable with the computer...he is talking about variations but not showing you them with moving the pieces...we will see...but clearly he is more analytical than the "Short" guy...

  • #83

    Yes it's normal to leave the board. Gelfand probably has a private room somewhere with an easy chair and a TV display of the board.

  • #84

    Leaving the board may be a nervous reaction...

  • #85

    Actually, here in London they are sharing one area, no private areas for both...they are also sharing one washroom here.

  • #86

    This is a good thread Trysts. Thanks for all the information!

  • #87

    Yes, I've seen many grandmasters leave the board throughout the game.

    The position on the 15th move looks just scary for me! I'm sure all the aggressive, tactical players love this positionLaughing

  • #88

    Oh ya these are tough economic times!

  • #89

    I'm going to eat my second kit kat now.

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    MrToad2U wrote:

    This is a good thread Trysts. Thanks for all the information!

    Thank you! All the participants of this thread have made it even more enjoyable and informative than I ever could.Smile

  • #91

    I would play 16. g4 now! Any takers? Smile

  • #92

    Commercial break coming up...ahhh

  • #93

    16.g4 is Houdini's third option. First - Ka1, Second- d6

    Anand needs to be careful in exposing his King in this position, and Black's future play Nc4 is coming soon...

  • #94

    Yup ... Russian telephony services Smile

  • #95

    Houdini likes Ka1? That move would never have crossed my mind Tongue out

  • #96

    "Chessbomb" shows all Houdini's lines and their continuations...it is great to follow these line, to see where the position will end up...I go there when these stupid commercials are playing...

  • #97

    I think I would start drinking red bull in this positionLaughing

  • #98

    GM Naiditsch on chessdom (is this the same as chessbomb?) is saying there is a threat of RxN, followed by a capture of the d-pawn ...

  • #99

    Well he went with the king move.

  • #100

    Anand has just performed a Houdini Smile


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