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The 2012 World Championship of Chess!

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    24...Rc2 25.b3 Nc3 26. Nxc3 R8xc3 27. Bd3! Rxg2 28. Rhe1 +--

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    Chek_Met wrote:

    Can we put board position of live games for discussion ?

    By the time I put the position up, it will changeFrown

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    Ya maybe a little. Where's a kit kat when you need one?

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    sekhar1 wrote:

    Don't you think that Anand is under time pressure now?

    Time pressure has got to be a problem now, I would think, sekhar1.

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    Anand looks good now to me.

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    Pawn d6 is a problem for black, due to the fact white has the option of Re1 after Nd4 Rd2 Bxd3 Rxd3.

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    You're pretty quick with those diagrams, Chek_Mat!Smile

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    Time trouble for anyone else...but Anand...he is of course the fastest player when he needs to be...

  • #153

    anand has untangled his pieces. i learnt something Smile

  • #154

    Can Anand have breakthrough in given time ? He is better in position for sure after exchanging dangerous knight with his useless bishop.

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    Scottrf wrote:

    Anand looks good now to me.

    He's sooo calm-looking about the whole thing. Very confident man.

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    Gelfand looks nervous.

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    I just figured out. :-)

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    Why a5 was dangerous ?

  • #160

    That a5 thing didn't quite work out did it? It looked freaking dangerous at the time!


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