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The Lolli's Mate

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    Lolli's Mate

    Mate in 3


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    A list of checkmate patterns:


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    tonydal wrote:

    I have to say I'm amazed (and amused) at all these names people give to mates.  Such things have never mattered to me.  Kind of reminds me of all those silly lists of groupings of animals and their (alleged) names...pods and so forth.


    I feel the same way about openings.

    Opponent after the game: I see you've chosen to play the HyperAccentuated line in the Gorbachov Reverse Defense.

    Me: I just wanted to move the horsey toward the middle.

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    Naming convensions make discussion far easier

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    If the openings didn't have  names it would be hard to talk about them. You'd have to give the moves. You can relate this to it. Also it is easier to keep the patterns in mind this way IMO.


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