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Unrated to 1500+ in 25 moves?

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    This is why I will no longer play unrated players.  I start a game with an "unrated" player thinking they are new to the site.  Offer my "welcome" and whatnot just to get smoked by someone who is now rated 1500+ after 25 moves.  WTF?

    And I don't buy it that a 2000+ FIDE rated player is just now coming back to the game... PLEASE!

    Now before anyone berates me as a poor sport keep in mind that I enjoy a good game and don't mind losing (just look at my list of losses) but this tactic seems a little underhanded in my book.

    Anyone else run into this? Other than not playing unrated players is there any defense for this behaviour?

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    If they beat you, they should (initially) get a rating higher than yours. Please bear in mind that the uncertainty of their rating is very large, and if they lose the next game their rating will fall dramatically.

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    May be the real rate for the unrated equal +2100 or +2200 :) and then the 1500 player is weak for him :) but the player who deserve 2100 rate is still unrated because he is new in the site :) 

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    I started a turn based game not too long ago with a player rated roughly even to me (Maybe a little below, I don't remember the exact numbers). As the game progressed, his rating climbed and climbed until he was 400 or so points above me. I realized I was out classed. At first I thought, "This sucks." But it turned out to be a very enjoyable game. I ended up resigning, but I think I played a pretty good game, considering. Hopefully, I learned something.

    I would hardly call this an underhanded tactic. The simple fact is, when a player is new to the site, you have no idea how good they are until they finish some games.  If it really bothers you though, when you initiate a seek, you can specify that an opponent has played a minimum number of games so you can be a little more sure of their rating. I'm talking about turn-based, I don't know about Live Chess.

    On the other hand, this could be a solution for the people who post complaints about not being able to get games with higher rated opponents. Play against unrated players. You might get lucky.

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    Hi.   The solution would be to show the Rating Dispersion (RD) that actually it is calculated by chess.com in the Glicko rating system it uses.  The higher the RD means the more unrealiable the rating of the player is.  Looking at recent games can also roughly show you if your opponent rating is rather accurate or not.   With about 10 games in recent past the RD is siginificantly less than the 350 points initial value.  Games a year ago does not really count to lower the RD, so you know.  Cheers.

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    I've played with others where this has occured. There are also some good people who only concentated on live chess and they stumbled upon and are now enjoying turn-based.

    There is also an issue with certain people such as myself having a broken computer.

    I went from around 1800 to 1380 or so after timing out around 70 games or something. Thanks to an online tournament, being the BAKU London System, it jumped back up to a 1750 and a random 1400 won 18.5/20 in their first round.

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    Amen; I lost close to 30 points on a game from a "sandbagger".  I always

    submit I want to play a "rated" player but sometimes you get an "unrated".

    Sometimes I just abort the game before it starts.


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