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Vacation abuse

  • #1

    1) How do I report it?

    2) On another level, can I threaten my wife with it?

  • #2

    1) Nick you can send a report to the help and support section of Chess.com. Thats all the way down on the bottom of your home page.  

    2) Nope, your wife will just beat you up.........   

  • #3

    Hey, how you doing?

    Where is my home page?

  • #4

    I'm doing well Nick, how you doing bro?  

     Did you lose it again Nick?  Your home page is the one you are on when you want to make a move on your games... The page that comes up every time you log in and go to.....  Gees Nick, you do make things hard.....lol

    Now I know why your wife beats you up...lololol

  • #5

    I couldn't see it as it's tiny white writing on my black and white background. And because I'm a twat.

  • #6

    Okay, I agree with that.....lololololololololol At least you finally found it.....


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