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What music should this site play when you resign?

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    OTB you can resign with an artistic flounce or a bitter gesture. Here, you can only press a button. Surely some sort of tune would liven things up?

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    A sad song such as this:

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    oppa gangnam style LOL

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    "Show Must Go On"

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    It Should Have Been Me!

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    Man of Constant Sorrow isn't that sad; it always puts me in a good mood :P

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    Eye of the Tiger ?, let's fight to the end or live and fight another day.

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    /sound flush

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    Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.

    (on second thought, I think I'd prefer that when my opponent resigned.)

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    AnthonyCG écrit:

    nice one man!

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    When i lose : "The Godfather theme"

    When i win: "Transformers" theme by the L.P

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    ChessGirlAbi wrote:

    Man of Constant Sorrow isn't that sad; it always puts me in a good mood :P

    Isn't sad? Have you listened to the lyrics? CryCryCry

    I am a man of constant sorrow 
    I've seen trouble all my day. 
    I bid farewell to old Kentucky 
    The place where I was born and raised. 
    (The place where he was born and raised)

    For six long years I've been in trouble 
    No pleasures here on earth I found 
    For in this world I'm bound to ramble 
    I have no friends to help me now. 

    [chorus] He has no friends to help him now 

    It's fare thee well my old lover 
    I never expect to see you again 
    For I'm bound to ride that northern railroad 
    Perhaps I'll die upon this train. 

    [chorus] Perhaps he'll die upon this train. 

    You can bury me in some deep valley 
    For many years where I may lay 
    Then you may learn to love another 
    While I am sleeping in my grave. 

    [chorus] While he is sleeping in his grave. 

    Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger 
    My face you'll never see no more. 
    But there is one promise that is given 
    I'll meet you on God's golden shore. 

    [chorus] He'll meet you on God's golden shore.

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    Or the non-clean version of Little Lion Man.


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