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What music should this site play when you resign?

  • #161

    Brittney ahhhh Broccoli Spears sing

    Opps i did it again

  • #162

    The Charlie Choo Choo song

    "I think i can, i think i can."

  • #163
    royalbishop wrote:

    That commercial "I fallen and can not get up" lol

    Well, there are a few different ways you can go....

  • #164

    Eric B

    "I Aint No Joke"

  • #165

    "Papa was a rolling stone"

    "My boots walking all over you"

    "Purple Rain"


    "Go Speed Racer"

    "What has love got to do with it"

  • #166

    Air on a G String - JS Bach

  • #167

    "it's Over Now"

  • #168

    Being a traditionalist, I suggest the first minute of Chopin's Funeral March:



    You would be in no doubt that you'd lost! Laughing

  • #169

    "Bad boys, bad boys what your going to do when i come for you"

  • #170

    bitterness rising.paul weller.

  • #171
  • #172

    "I can't get no satisfaction"

    Best one of all ...one of Charlie Sheen's songs  in "2  and Half Men".

  • #173

  • #174

    Ok i got one

    "Saturday Night fever"

  • #175

    "Punks jump up to get beat down"

  • #176

    Another Ray Charles possibility:

    (But yeah, "Busted" is pretty good.) Smile

  • #177

    "Mama said knock you out"

    With a guy out of prison sitting across from you and his name is "TINY"

    .....anything but tiny, lol.

  • #178

    It should be the Marcia Funebre from Beethoven's 3rd symphony--if you've fought a good battle.

  • #179

    And the Marcia Brady "Ugly Braces" theme...if you've rolled over like a rabbit.

  • #180

    "Jingle Bells Batman smells"


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