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You Need a " Time Out " Pal !!!

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    Dustin-Dweeber wrote:
    don't tell me some members actually take this website seriously ??? how is that even possible ?

       ---   And this chap only reached 12 days. I guess we were too hard on him and the poor fellow had to leave   rofl.

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    The kitteh will return

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    Thanks for the posts. I try to keep active ( and also try to consume adequate roughage ).

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    ghost_of_pushwood wrote:


    apparently, this is what cc uses if one chooses to close their own account. of course, since it is completely inaccurate, it could be the same for cheaters, or, those banned for anything cc decides.

    (you know, like questioning staff wink.png)

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    Thanks for the post AlCzervik.

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    Ok everyone it is Christmas so let's be NICE to each other ! ( And if you don't want to do that then go fly a Kite !   lol ).

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