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1/12/2018 - Hans Cohn, 1940

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    very nice happy.png 

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    It's not a simple win after 2...Kf1 


    It is quite complicated because after 3.Qe7 comes g1=N and it is a pain to win. The black pieces will be put in zugzwang with proper play and white wins.

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    We had similar puzzle to this some time ago.   The Queen has to stop black from promoting and then move in for the kill when she gets a clear file.   Thx @BryanCFB for further explanation.

    Nice endgame puzzle thx.

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    RockySnow7 wrote:

    White could have just moved 1.Kd2#, no?

    No, because black would promote the G pawn to queen!

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    K e2# its so simple why 10 movesbk.pngbk.pngbk.png#

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    I agree that there are way more complicated endgames. 


    The puzzle would be way better after 2...Kf1 in my opinion. It's a pity that people aren't being exposed to the heart of the position and the rather fascinating zugzwang theme. This is just letting people win against second rate moves and just bad practice in general.


    Terrible puzzle today...

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    Zick Zack

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    isn't this mate in one?  Ke2

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    chessicAngel wrote:

    Indeed. But there are two possible moves to bring the queen to the e-file, and chess.com can only handle unique solutions...


    I guess that is true. I personally would rather complain about more than one right move instead of the computer blundering at least 4 times though.


    Instead of that though, the trend is people mistaking this for a weak back rank puzzle which is the worst possible conclusion. 

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    i dont understand. just moving white king was enough to échec et mat no?

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    up n down the wq.png went


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    good one

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    an old ches's'nut  

    8/8/8/8/8/8/6pp/Q2K3k w - - 0 1     BTW  original Forsyth notation  48/6pp/Q2K3k

    reminds me: never gamble on a chess position grin.png......


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    Very good!

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    I dont get it. Why dont you just move the king?

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    happy.png queen walk. However, Kf1 at almost any point offers more resistance for black than merely shuffling back and forth.

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    potassium (k)


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