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10/11/2011 - Kortchnoi-Gutman, Wijk aan Zee 1987

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    that was not challenging

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    I don't get it. Why doesn't the pawn take the knight after the first move?

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    Why not?

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    WTF! - Sunday runs n2 Tuesday.


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    dude...oh my gosh...I did it without any wrong moves...

    I guess there really is a first time for everything...Laughing

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    so easy

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    Амархан, гэвч муугүй.

    Easy but not so bad.

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    How do you put a puzzle here? I have a cool one!

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    Ruslion wrote:

    Hello, from Kazakhstan!

    Hello Ruslion in Kazakhstan!

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    GTO55 wrote:

    If black didn't make that move it looks like a loss for white.

    Well, I can't see any other effective moves for white. (What alternative move for white do you have in mind?) Black is poised for ... Nxf2+, removing the pawn that protects the knight in his current position. Black gains a material advantage which will probably end in a win.

    An interesting problem would be with the same setup as in this game, but the black king at h7 instead of at h6.  Now Nf5 is not check, and leaves the Bishop exposed.  So what is white's best move in that situation?  I am looking at 1.Qf3, and wondering how black will respond.  (1.Kg2 is also to be considered, but ...Nf4 would block white's queen from entry into the fray)  The game should end in a draw.

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    that was annoying BUT I WINLaughing

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    to much easy

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    Very good puzzle, thanx for sharing...

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    very nice , i was have douts but finaly i've got it . thanks man .

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    Easy, even for newbies like me. Smile


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