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10/11/2011 - Kortchnoi-Gutman, Wijk aan Zee 1987

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    very very very easyWink

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    Good one!

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    ok i bet on first page everyone taught the pawn will eat knight and queen checkmate king support by pawn...... besides this i dont see anything to discuss. 

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    Saumilnair wrote:

     White's pieces are clustered menacingly around black's king but if black's king moves it would be a check! so enjoy this puzzle this is mate in 2


    Maybe it's my computer, but I've tried every move possible with every piece, and apparently none of them is the right one.  Would you mind posting the move sequence please?  Thanks.

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    Boris, the pigmy peppered corydorus catfish in my aquarium solved this 'problem'.

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    hectorm24 wrote:


     Well there's another variation for the Nf5 move... And black takes the game by checkmate

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    hectorm24 wrote:



    No, you missed it, the Queen would move to H5 instead of taking with the pawn.  This is checkmate, the king cannot escape the queen's check, and the pawn protects the queen.

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    fun puzzle & hello to Ruslion 

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    actually the finnish was nf5+ gxf5 qh5# http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1083159

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    Good one.

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    a better puzzle would have been knight to F5, xf5,Qxh5 checkmate. Sorry if my notation is all wrong but u get the picture.

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    easy one

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    why doesnt the pawn get the knight?

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    the king move is not usual.

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    oh. got it.

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    with the verge of defeat white managed a win!!! amazing...


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