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10/11/2012 - McMurray-Kusman (reversed) New York 1937

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    good one!

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    I guess.


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    Mighty fine.

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    The bishop/rook mating position seems faily common in these puzzles but I seldom use it in my games.  Probably one of the reasons I am not a better player!

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    good one.   think moving the bishop first would be equally effective.

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    I like these puzzles that involve giving up your queen because that thought never accures to me in a game so it causes a new train of thought.

  • #108

    very intersting game i solved it,

    1. Qxe6 check


    2.Bf6 what every black moves it will end mate Rh7# mate

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    Awesome, another puzzle successfully navigated!

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    another nice lesson/review.....

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    I like these multiple move puzzles-send more

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    I never would have thought to lose the queen.

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    Nice, but easy!

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    so easy

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    DonLawson wrote:

    B to F6 also works as the first move before White Q takes G6 pawn

    I think ...d5 means this does not work.  This unpins the f pawn and makes the queen sac useless.

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    cmv26 wrote:

    When in doubt, sac the queen.

    Too true.

    Looked at this puzzle for a few minutes this morning and could not get started,

    Then ! - I remembered that this was Chess.com....

    So I tried trashing my Queen as quickly as possible,

    and gee-whiz, wadda-ya-know, the mate immediatly fell into place.

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