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10/13/2012 - Muratov - Janovsky, Russia, 1968

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    3rd :

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    chessmaster 9000 style: that was my first introduction to this pattern, smothered mate, the venus flytrap, i used to have that program way back in the day and the introduction to the game was this mate... only recently did i have a very quality opponent use it on me in a game (i like the pattern so i played it out) and then i actually in the next game had the pattern opportunity!  I was so excited I touched the wrong piece, and then had to move it, the queen instead of the knight move which gives double check.  my opponent actually was able to win the game with that tempo! i was so thrown off i gave him the next game but that actually enabled me to win the U1400 division (blitz open tourney) over the guy who beat me 2x by .5 pt (he was 12~) my first tourney so im just glad i didn't knock over any pieces or make illegal moves... btw won the first game, against 1570 or 1670, lost 2nd to him, lost 3&4 to 2000~ player, lost 5&6 to 1200... and won the last four games against entertaining and formidable opponents <1200 and the last game was close actually had to take the king when he moved into check... sorry for rambling; a little bit of a journal entry there i think i could do better if the tourney was today is all i really want to say and i was pleased with the tournament experience and the presence of quality chess if not my own performance :) 

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    first page :)

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    WOW, this one is long and complex.

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    Punish a king who didn't castle.

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    yeah....first page...after a long time

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    oh solved!!!!

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    fantastic mate...

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    first page I am guessing

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    good one !

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    nice one

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    Good puzzle !

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    Tough one !

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    got to love the ol' smothered mate

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    Muy bueno.


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