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10/13/2012 - Muratov - Janovsky, Russia, 1968

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    Great puzzle, took a minute to see where it was leading...

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    Hard idea to see. Got it in about 2 minutes (I'm 1800 FIDE)

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    dancd wrote:

    White's 1st move is crazy to me. Why does not black respond with 1...Rxc8??? What is the catch??? Please someone tell me why.

    If 1...Rxc8 2 Qd8+ Rxd8 3 Rxd8#

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    A truly facsinating example of how beautiful a human mind can be!

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    Good Puzzle!!

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    nice puzzle

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    Mogford wrote:

    I agree Hariharan_Sundaram, black made a lot of bad moves.  That was the hardest part of the puzzle, I'd never guess black would respond like that.

    Well, I don't see them as "bad" moves, but simply "not the best" moves.
    Playing out some of the lines that Hariharan_Sundaram indicated, I still see it as a win for white.  Typically, white pushes it to the point where he has a knight and four or five pawns to black's three or four pawns.  But there is room for mis-plays on both sides.

    There are simply too many possible variations to fully analyze.

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    Black Knight could have taken the white Queen in the process. The white moves were quite risky.

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    Excellent, thanx for sharing...

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    the best chess puzzle ive seen so far.

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    I think this was cool AND EASY!! also, i fail at getting on 1st page

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    Great one.

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    TheBillyShakes wrote:

    I don't understand why black didn't capture the knight after the first move either with Ke7 or Ra8.

    because if rook takes the knight queen can move to d8, Rxd8 and  and then back rank matew/ rook.

    if knight takes then also mate. 

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    Okay, after looking through 13 pages, I couldn't find where this question has been asked/answered. Can't black get out of the forced mate by playing 2... Ke8 3. Rxd5 (threatening 3... cxd5 4. Qe7#), and then 3... Rxc8 4. Rxh5 Bxh5 5. Bxh5?  Yes, black trades a knight, bishop, and queen for a knight and rook.  But they're still in the game.

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    7. Ne7#


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