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10/18/2013 - Missed Opportunity

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    justin53 wrote:

    I recon 6. R-F8 is mate, bbut I'm probably wrong.

    6. Rf8+   Kxf8.

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    Took a few tries; odd setup in the first place.

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    dkcoollike wrote:

    Hi adriancook, mammoth


    What about 5. Qf7 ???

    That was my original guess.  It definitely works, but I guess the puzzle solution is faster.

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    Kings_Landing wrote:
    [Puzzles snipped]

    I believe the second puzzle is wrong. There's actually a forced mate in 3 that doesn't give black an opportunity to move: 1. Ra5+ Kxa5 2. Qc5+ Ka6 3. Qb6#.

    The solution (as-shown) seems flawed to me; there's nothing forcing black to take the rook with the bishop. In fact, Rd3+ or Rg6+ starts giving black time (and options), meaning the solution - as shown - is not a mate in 2.

    Am I missing something?

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    Kings_Landing wrote:
    gloreto wrote:

    4. Bxf7+ Kf8 5. Be6+ Ke7  6.Qf7#

    Yes! Much faster.

    If 5. Bxf7+ Kf8 6. Be6+ then 6...Qf6 slows down mate two moves.  6...Qf6 7. Rxf6+ Ke7 8. Qf7+ Kd8 9. Qd7#.

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    Why not...

    1. Rxf6

    2. Qg7#

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    cplayerno1 wrote:

    what's wrong with 6.QN6? (Qg6)

    That allows 6...Qxf7, which slows down white's mating attack.

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    dufferps wrote:

    What is the "Missed Opportunity?"

    I expected black to move 6. ... Kf8, but white would have answered 7.Qf5+ and after 7. ... Qf7, 8.Qxf7#

    I chose 1.Bg7+, because my queen was en prise, and after that the moves were quite straight forward, though I struggled on the fifth move, deciding which piece to use in capturing the knight at f7.  It was ony after the fact that I realized how useful it was to have my rook up there on the seventh rank.

    Apparently, white must have missed this in the actual game.

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    Wild !

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    Kings_Landing wrote:

    Hallo "kings_Landing" : nice puzzles , in your second puzzle after white played kd6 , what if black plays kb6 instead of Bxb1. Is still a mate in 2 possible??

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    A few variations to consider, including how things turn out after 5. BxNf7+ and 5.QxNf7+

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    Too hard Smile.

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    easy one

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