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10/2/2012 - Shocker!

  • #201

    too easy... saw it right away... :D

  • #202

    very easy.

  • #203

    It is supposed to be easy to encourage the masses to spend their money here. Money is the thing that keeps this site running and that is a good thing.

  • #204

    how is it possible for the bishop to stay near black's front lines without being eaten... this position would be really hard to find in a real game.

  • #205

    Retardedly easy

  • #206

    Whoever didnt get that one...

  • #207

    I would really like to know the move black made before getting into the puzzels startinpossition, That cause of the fammily fork that the knight got at F3, getting the white queen for free. If you say that the last move from black was night D4 why does not just bloack than capture the white queen?

  • #208

    we've had this puzzle before Innocent

  • #209

    ***Just Perfect***

  • #210

    too basic.

  • #211

    T O O


    E A S Y


    F O R   W H A T   I    S A Y     A    D A I L Y     P U Z Z L E      I S

  • #212

    This is marketing. The positions are supposed to be easy to make lower rated players feel accomplishment and buy a membership. So when you say "easy" in the thread that is just what the owners want to hear. It is all about the cash. Which is exactly how it has to be otherwise it wouldnt be a business.

  • #213

    easy, too easy, even i'm beginer and do lot of silly mistake, do other puzzle with error & restart puzzle, but this time 1st time done, easy. fun. like it

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  • #215

    2 ez

  • #216

    way tooooooooooooooooooooo easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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