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10/22/2011 - Mate in 3

  • #101

    eAsY cHeEse got it on my first try lol jk

    but really whats with the puzzle???

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    I would like to think that I somewhat have a grasp of how things work around here, but this one has stumped me......for now.  ;-)

  • #103


    First move: check puzzle

    Second move Check comments below

    Third move: Check for "solution"


    I want to thank the staff for the many great puzzles and the opportunity to play chess on your site. Thanks.

  • #104

    solved it, a;sdfhioaspdoifh adfhoasplcvhvaso dfjgswcdbosf posidhf peawriogh [

  • #105

    I think the thing is broken , however if PE4 starts and black moves f & g pawns in successive moves , then Q to H5 wins

  • #106
    paulified22 wrote:
    ranrod wrote:

    Looking at the front page, i think the answer is:

    1. Be4, Be8; 2. Qe7, Kg8; 3. Qg7#

    how do you move Be4,without moving pawn first?

     Not to mention, you cant even put the bishop at e4!

  • #107

    is this fake?!

  • #108

    2 Move Check mate:

    1 g4 - e6

    2 f3 - Qh4#

    thats my story I am sticking to it...


  • #109

    is this puzzle making me a fool?!

  • #110

    Thats not a puzzle.

  • #111

    Some mistake in posting.

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  • #113

    ERORR !

  • #114

    April fool  too late for 2011 or too early for 2012?

  • #115

    mate in 3? how about e4 e5 Qh5 and black is about to play Qe7, but he accidentally touches the king...

  • #116

    This mating game has got me #*@%+#

    confused...                            Embarassed

  • #117

    Its broken!. I tried every legal first move for White and the puzzle doesn't allow any of them.

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    very hard puzzle

  • #120

    white losing has to go first then it will take two moves on each side for the best checkmate.


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