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10/29/2011 - A.Yermolinsky vs Igor Naumkin, Tashkent, 1987

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    IncrediBill wrote:

    I always enjoy the puzzles that come from real games.

    Here is how the actual game played out:


    37...fxe6     38. Rc7+  Kf8      39.  Qa8#

    I guess CHESS.COM,CHANGED ENDING OF GAME.My puzzle ended on Qf7,Thanks for alternate lines,I like seeing puzzle from beginning,mainly to see openings of both white and black,most games I have noticed open with pd4 or pe4,and usually either is a countered with a bishop move.As if it was scripted,which they probably call for in a particular opening.Have a good day Sir Will,and thanks for bringing up complete gameSmileWatching complete games is good learning technique for me.

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    Good one

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    la-coupole wrote:

    Just a remark :

    1.h5+ was also leading to a mate in 7 (instead of mate in 6, in the real game... )

     1.h5+ Kh7
    ( 1...Kxh5 2.Ng7# )
    2.Nd4+ f5 3.Qxf5+ Kg8 4.Rc8+ Bd8
    ( 4...Kg7 5.Ne6+ fxe6 6.Qg6# )
    5.Rxd8+ Kg7 6.Ne6+ fxe6 7.Qg6#

    CHESS.COM. changed ending of real game,check it out on incredibill's quote

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    Les noirs subissent le mat en six coups; la descente du roi jusqu'à la huitième rangée est fatale.

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    Longer Puzzle

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    Personally, I enjoyed the puzzle today.  I needed help on the first move, but after that I figured out each remaining move, so at least I managed that!  Neat puzzle.

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    good 1

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    good one...

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    Kd4 could'nt find that first move after that all fell into place

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    good manuevering of major pieces...

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    slowly advancing on the black king... the black king is dying on his deathbed... come and say goodbye...quick... he is fading fast... too late... he has died under the power of the white rook and queen... the war has come to an end.

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    very very izzi

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    AndyClifton wrote:
    sand_runner wrote:



    You should weare that ribbon with pride. You could lie and say you won it in chess.


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