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10/3/2010 - Long Range Pieces

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    prettty easy

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    a nice and easy forced take..

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    Even after solving this puzzle, rest of the game will be interesting. Thans for sharing...

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    easy.. but good practice..

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    very E

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    block1312 wrote:
    dufferps wrote:
    MadSnowman wrote:



    Thank you, MadSnowman.  That was an excellent Sunday puzzle.  Easy and Instructive.

    An interesting variation.  Let black play first.  Black blocks white's pawns (or gets a passed pawn), then brings up his King, but can he force a win?  I think he can (he did in the two vairations I tried), but white will be trying to get a stalemate.

    What kind of variations are you trying? its a very easy win for white, just promote to queen and pick of the pawns, and black cant do nothing so stop it. If black moves his king, the pawns hasn't advanced and there is no chance of promoting, and if the pawn(s) move then they are unprotected and can be just picked off by the queen.

    show how white can promote to a queen so easily Undecided

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    tooooooooooo easy could have done it with one eye

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    Buster20 wrote:

    tooooooooooo easy could have done it with one eye

    two-dimensional plane. One eye is quite sufficient.


    Fairly simple puzzle. Pretty straight-forward; Force evasion and punish. Good stuff.

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    Hey! This one was eeeeeeeazy

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    Ok puzzle

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    was this a puzzle?

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