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10/3/2012 - Mate in 5

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    Do it right away, no stopage!

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    That was quite an easy one!

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    not bad...

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    Made mistake and checked with Qb5 for first move,acted to quickly,found right move Bc6+...Bd7,2.Bxd7+...Rxd7,sacing the B made sense knowing I still had a R and a Q waiting for the kill, 3.Rb8+...Rd8, 4.Qb5+...c6, 5.Qxc6#,nice puzzle,should have looked at board and not have acted so quickly and I would have realized I would have had to sac Q when black could block Q check with Bd7,black could have blocked with Rd7 also,then I could have checked with Rb8,but that's not what happened.Thank's Chess.Com,good day chess head's

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    seems a wee bit olbvious.....

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    nice one:

    You have solved this problem!

    5. Qxc6# 

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    JacekK wrote:

    There are many ways to give checkmate black.

    Nice job with alternate

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    GertiX wrote:

    not fair, cuz he could take the Bishop with the King, and not with the Rook

    Look at post 22,it's still mate in 5

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    Here are 2 solutions (4) Mate in 5

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    This puzzle is nice because it has four different ways to deliver mate-in-five Smile 

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    Quite interesting for the novice..... My attention quickly went to thy crippling king side then thy noticed the bishopLaughing

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    GertiX wrote:

    Why do people sometimes replicate a position in the puzzle or just re-release the puzzle?However, nice analysis murometzyx & paulified22Wink. Nice to see more varietyLaughing

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    it was easier than i expected "mate in 5".

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    3rd page!

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    yeah 3 rd page  finished it a nice pin

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    molto facile !


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