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10/5/2011 - K Larsen-Strenzwilk, Portland 1987

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    cheat_to_win wrote:
    nukutawiti wrote:

    A classic.

    For those who want something more changelling:



    Your puzzle is better

    WAY better

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    very simple.

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    nukutawiti wrote:

    A classic.

    For those who want something more changelling:



    Very interesting endgame.  Black's 2 extra pawns make it just about impossible for white.  At several points, I felt white might have better moves, but I don't think he could have avoided the loss. 

    For a while I thought white could have done better starting out
    1. ... Kg3
    2. Kh5 (going right after black's f and h pawns.) 
    I played one line starting this way, and white actually promoted first at f1, but black immediately promoted at h8, and since the black king was at e5, it was
    ... h8=Q+ and then black could skewer black and capture or at least trade queens at f1, leaving black free to clear the kingside lanes and promote.

    Looking further at that  1. ... Kg3, 2. Kh5 start, I saw that the black king would stay at g3, slowly advance his h-pawn, forcing the black king in zugzwang to retreat and allow capture of his f-pawn and black would promote at either f8 or h8. 

    Certainly an interesting problem, and the proper first move for black is...Kg3.

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    ocmn6 wrote:

    the black would have the sensed the defeat and resigned few moves before!!!!!!!

    I don't play against Grand Masters, but I don't think it's a good idea to resign when the perceived mating sequence involves a queen sacrifice. 

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    sac the queen

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    2. Ng6#

    9... Kf7

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    nice situation for white.

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    165th comment! --Both seemed easy i would like to see a middle game were both sides have two queens or a vienna game, frankenstei-dracula variationMoney mouth

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    frank_1985 wrote:
    IncrediBill wrote:

    Nice set-up move to force a capture and block an exit for the King.

     Am I the only one who thinks that "IncrediBill" is a big douche thinking every mindless pieace of cake puzzle is a brilliant composition?

     i don't think he called it a brilliant composition, i think he was just making a 'positive' statement about the puzzle and contributing to the forum in a productive way. 

    however, i am curious why you have a strange vinegar & water smell about you?

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    love the ending with bishop

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    vahidf wrote:
    Whitepawnking wrote:not interested



    Not interested in what? And why bring this up?

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    At least it opens the kingside.


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