10/5/2012 - Perlaska-Grassi, Komo 1907

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    very nice puzzle

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    little tricky but easy enoughSmile

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    Beautiful checkmate!Cool

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    Very nice

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    this bores me

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    KathyKGill wrote:


    Okay, you got me. I gave up and had to click "solution".

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    I am turning pink with envy I didn't see that wow give away the store and win to!  Well done!  Coodos to Ches .com

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    to me it was obvious that you had to sack a queen and a rook, but I could not figure out

    which rook

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    psycle wrote:

    I doubt black Q would make that move,unless he just said I'm beat and threw in the towel,I think it was mate in two,good idea though.Black Q may have made that move,he did not even move a piece on K side of board

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    KathyKGill wrote:



    Thank's for puzzle,made one mistake,neat though,I'f I end up in that position I resign,you could get lucky and get a stalemate but most player's are aware of that,neat puzzle

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    Very nice puzzle!

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    Enjoyed solving this puzzle. good one. 

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    nice ...

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    awesome puzzle

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    nice one

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    Kind of easyCool

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