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10/5/2012 - Perlaska-Grassi, Komo 1907

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    Thank you for posting this puzzle.

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    tricky tricky

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    Nice Checkmate!Cool

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    wow, great mate

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    r_george92 wrote:

    seventh page ...take that losers !

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    Fantastic checkmate.

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    Bishop to F7

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    stephen_33 wrote:

    O/k-ish up to the third move (although I first tried moving the knight to f4) & then had to stare at this position for some time before the solution came to me - brilliant !

    Enormous admiration for any player who can pull that off      

    But who on earth was Perlaska ??  There's no entry in Chessgames for either player & I drew a blank on Google - but I did find this...


    So now the irrelevant & inane comments of the 'first-pagers' are leaking out into the wider world - It's depressing !

    I can't say I've seen anything more than first page,like annayzing puzzle,or if you did'nt,that's the goal thier trying to reach,posting on first page,I do not get it,I live 50 mile's from Boston so I'm on eastern standard time,the puzzle ussualy get's posted around 3:00 AM,for me,I get up at about 4:00AM every day, I'm lucky to post on third page,anyone east of me in USA has there time later than me,so if it's 3:00 AM here it's 12:00 AM in california,so it's possible some people are up at that time,but from here to California there are three time zone's,so I would say those people are not up when puzzle get's posted.so all these people are at a place where 3:00 AM is a normal time zone for them,some where on the other side of the world.Let them post whatever they want,but don't act like you did something even remotely close to chess

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    got it

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    wow i got that one on the first try cool Cool

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    That was awesome!

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    Really nice!!

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    Vetax wrote:



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    medium 3/5

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    wont load :(

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