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10/6/2012 - G. Slepian, 1981

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    50 move rule does not start until there are no more captures or pawn moves.  But I was wondering how white can capture to pawns for free...

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    good puzzle

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    BB5 doesn't work because of KD1
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    4. Nxd4

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    You have solved this problem!

    4. Nxd4 

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    This was a weird puzzle,of cource you start with Q sac chose Qf1 so K would block pawn on f2 next move to check again was Bb5+...KxNe1, 3.Nc2+...Kd2, 4.NxQd4,never saw a clear way to mate be cause there was'nt one,took Q because it looked like the most logical next move.need to go back and look how deep I can go from where puzzle left you.Thank's Chess.Com.Good day chess heads.It's hard to figure this out because you do not know black's next move,black will move pawn to f1 making it a Q,and the black Q is in position to check white changing the whole game.Wrong again B take's pawn f1,I don't get it.After reading some post's it sound's like white has it's work cut out for him

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    easy but not so bad puzzle

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    good one, but you have to know how to checkmate ;)

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    melogibbo wrote:

    I think I did this right, here goes!

    You showed several time's Nf3+ when it was not a check,had a hard time figuring out some of the move's order.Thank's for the annaysis,you did a decent job,I can't illustrat a puzzle and show it as most of you guy's do,I give you credit,I'm wrong your Nf3 check's were from the white Q so you did do a good job

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    @paulified, the chess engine states if it's check or not, it's not something people creating the puzzles do.
    It's a discovered check, the white queen is checking the black king once the knight moves, solved by simply taking and checking the white queen with a 2nd queen.

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    seems like luck to me

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    kyleevon wrote:

    seems like luck to me

    Chess is a game of pure luck Innocent

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    after 4. Nxd4 doesn't black just moves the pawn and make a queen on f1 which results in you losing the game?

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    Really Good Puzzle.Smile Cute Smash!Cool Thank You, chess.comWink

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    AdityaRavuri wrote:


    fail, what a loser. Got nothing better to contribute than a failing post like that. 

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    Cattoir wrote:

    after 4. Nxd4 doesn't black just moves the pawn and make a queen on f1 which results in you losing the game?

    No, because bishop is defending that square, and you can move the king to protect


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