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10/6/2012 - G. Slepian, 1981

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    why not Bb5?

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    Nice one.

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    why not Bb5?

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    Interesting.  Not how I would have thought to play it.

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    mate?  if you checked with your bishup first it couldve been an easy mate

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    This one was difficult. I totally missed it.

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    melogibbo wrote:

    @paulified, the chess engine states if it's check or not, it's not something people creating the puzzles do.
    It's a discovered check, the white queen is checking the black king once the knight moves, solved by simply taking and checking the white queen with a 2nd queen.

    You are right,I need to slow down and really look at board before Im sure what I'm saying is right,sorry for my mistake,I did realize it after going back and posted that I was wrong and you were right.like I said I wish I could post puzzle and different move's,and I give you credit for your knowledge about being able to do what you can do,keep up the good work.Don't hate me for being wrong,I'm still learning.If I did not say it before good job,This was a difficult puzzle,have a good day!!

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    Very nice puzzle.

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    Bd5+ it is not the solution, because of Kd1, than Nxf3+ it's just a blunder: fxg1=Q+ and after Nxg1 black capture with their queen one of the knights by Qd6+ (bishop+knight vs queen) easy to mate for blacks now. 

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    whats the useFoot in Mouth

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    maybe some history on why this sequence worked to win next time?

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    Good day; bonne journée.

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    i didn't get the queen sac


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