10/6/2012 - G. Slepian, 1981




And then you need to be smart enough to be able to checkmate the king with a bishop and knight combination....


Way beyond my level, even though the daily puzzle habituates me to making queen sacrifices.  In this case, I couldn't see the point of the queen sac.

In retrospect, I see first that 1. ... Kxf1 is pretty much forced (and I wouldn't really look elsewhere anyway if I were playing black).   Black's two alternatives are Kd2 or Ke3.  Either move exposes him to a devastating knight fork and loss of his queen in exchange for the one knight- and the two pawns are soon to follow.

But now white is down a queen and about to lose his knight as well.  The Knight can escape and threaten the queen at the same time, but ...Qf4+
foils that, so 2.Bb5+ forces the king to capture my knight at e1 and align  himself for a knight fork -- now I begin to see it.

3. Nc2+ is obvious, and after ... Kd2, white takes command with 4. Nxd4.

Black will chase the knight (4. ... Ke3) or maybe try to go for the knight and the bishop (4 ... Kc3), but all white needs to do is keep his two pieces a couple of squares away from the king and pick off the two pawns.  There are several variations here, but white wins them all.  I see as most likely:
4. ... Ke3, 5. Nb3! (blocking the king from d2 and d4 while the bishop blocks him from d3 and e2) ... Kf4 (staving off 6.Kg3),  6. Kh3 Ke3, 7.Kg3 Ke4 8.Kxf2
... and so forth, but as it goes on there are just too many variations to pick a "most likely."  As I said, white wins them all, and black probably sees it and resigns.

It should be noted that winning with a Knight and a Bishop in 50 moves or less is not trivial, but it is a win.

stephen_33 wrote:

Didn't find this easy but then Saturday's puzzle is often the hardest of the week.

I also tried 1.Bb5 first & it's not immediately obvious why that doesn't work until you see that Black's king can shuffle between d1 & e2. At least I found the correct move on my third attempt !

Nobody else has offered a continuation from the final position here which suggests that it's obvious to the better players (but not to me). I don't immediately see why this is winning for White - after all, the White king is restricted from moving to g1/g2 to support it's bishop's attack on f1, so isn't it worth looking at what happens next (?) ....


Anybody up to showing how this goes from here on ?      

Good puzzle & great thread today - lots of intelligent comments !

It's obvious black will not get a Q,and to mate with N,B,and K,will take many move's,that's why black probably won't resign,and game will end with stalemate,just a thought!

cheetahch wrote:

i didn't get the queen sac


Thank's for the easy puzzle,now we can be happy we solved a puzzle,have a good day


why not be8 to b5


why not be8 to b5


cheetahch posted a nice "Sunday or Monday Puzzle"  - thanks. It was nice to be able to solve one after flailing on today's daily puzzle.


And why would i throw away my queen? Not a very realistic puzzle.


it was the easisest!!!CoolCoolCool




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Did anybody play on after the "solution" at Nxd4? I think 99.9% of you will come away w/ a draw.

wenber wrote:

Did anybody play on after the "solution" at Nxd4? I think 99.9% of you will come away w/ a draw.

Yes wenber, mahdi-makarami2013 did in post #86 & made a good job of it.


maybe to easy..DONE IT !


Good one.