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10/6/2012 - G. Slepian, 1981

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    Not bad @ all.


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    As white you would eventually need to know how to checkmate with a bishop and a knight.  I know that this is possible, but I do not know how to force it.  This is not much of a problem, because I have never even seen a possition which needed this before this puzzle!

    Is there a mechanism for replies to comments on chess.com?  Would anyone like to reply if you are able.

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    then you gotta get him with a bishop and a knight. Not easy but possible.

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    good one indeed.

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    nice one

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    Nice Queen Sacrifice leading to a overwhelming Knight Fork, forking black's Queen and King!  Thanks for the lesson!

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    was it a draw or what?

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    Call me naive, but isn't the point of Chess to capture the KING?  1. Q-f1 leads to eventual stalemate, even if it is the most logical move, it's NOT the best.  I don't think the material left (W-KNB vs lone king) can force in 50 if this move is used...

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    Nice! But it would be rather difficul to mate with a knight and bishop only

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    btw, if: 4 ... K-e3, black will win (white must, eventually give up opposition, and when that happens, a pawn will promote).

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    Cool :) !

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    very easy for a saturday.

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    following move is that no pawn can be queened while W saves his pieces

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    Couldn't see the logit !!!

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    great problem!


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