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10/7/2011 - Mate in 6

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    Thanks !!!

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    Very nice!

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    great and easy

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    very nice puzzle... those pawns were very big obstacles...

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    way to go..!

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    Given the situation, it was obvious that white could not skip a tempo - every move had to be a check, and fortunately pawn positions were such that the last move could be checkmate.

    I must now check out that the sequence of the checks (i.e., the exact time of the Bxg6+) is the only way.  Obviously that as an initial move fails, because 2. Rg8+ is not checkmate - we must get the queen into action to checkmate from g8 after sacrificing the bishop.  So Rh8+ is the first move.  1 ... Kxh8 allows the queen to come in: 2. Qf8+.  Kh7 (1. ... Kg7,  2. Qf8#).

    But why not 3. Bxg6+ at this point?  Kxg6 is forced, and 4. Qg8 is checkmate.

    EDIT:  Whoops! Now I see. 3. ... Kxg6 would NOT be forced! We must first get rid of the f7 pawn that is protecting g6.

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    Very good.

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    i tried it once.. that was pretty nice..

    hoping that the daily puzzle will be like that

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    no bad at all. thanks.


    ps. 54th!!!! Smile

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    4.Qf8+, will let you see the end.

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    Dang pawns!  I kindasorta missed that the one on f7 even existed.  Save for that (its ability to capture the bishop instead of the king doing it) I'd have had it right the first try.

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    Often overlook the pawns... this was a nice Ooooohhhhh.... moment

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    i told you be carefull what you wish for,took quite a bit of time to figure out first move,but only found one to keep checking,one wrong move and black is back in game,hated to do it but saced rook,1.Rh8...Kxh8,2.Qf8...Kh7,3.Qf7+...Kh8,4.Qf8+...Kh7,move 5 was quite hard to give up 5.Bg6,but was able to see if Kxg6,i had pawn struture to mate with Qg8,nice puzzle first and fifth move gave me trouble,who wants to give up valuble pieces?but when it produces mate,its quite easy.nice puzzle THANKS CHESS,COM for not giviing us two or three move puzzle!!!
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    nice one 

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