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10/7/2012 - The Power of a Rook

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    The ending was a total twist. . . Not what I expected in the least bit :)

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    Wow black to move first,but ended up with no mate,1.Rd1+...Kb2, 2.Rb1+...Kc2, 3.RxQb7,solved up to there,now to see if there is a mate possible.Thank's Chess.Com.Good day chess head's.I know white will end up winning,but it may take a number of move's to mate,to many to remember in my head with out seeing move's in front of me,I would probably move Na4+,K would probably move Kd3 attacking rook,now I'm forced to move R to a safe place or cover with my other R,white has a number of move's and this is where I have problem not seelng the previous move's in front of me,like where white is going to move,I need to learn how to show diagram of puzzle where I can simulate move's,can anybody give me some tip's on how you do this? I think you need PGN#,and you have to post that on checkerboard in upper left hand corner of where we quote,but I can't make that happen,any help would be greatly appreciated,have a good day and if anyone find's move's to mate,would you post them,I'm curious to see how game ended,Thank's,i just realized something when I said my next move would be it was white's move so Na4 +may not even be a move I could make.I'm getting worst instead of better at annalyzing these puzzle's

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    3... Rxb7

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    Nice one!!

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    easy 2/5

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    done it

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    very simple

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    best sunday's ever!

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    Without hint I may not done itTongue Out

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    Nice puzzle

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    Solving it in your head before you make the moves is one of the most gratifying feelings.

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    I wonder how many other people wasted time searching for a non-existent checkmate ?  Decent puzzle for a Sunday !

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    finally black wins

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    Tony_Tony_Chopper wrote:

    Gear Secondo !

    This beats : "FIRST" by miles ;D

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    First.... Nice pouzle

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    Another nice Sunday puzzle...


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