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10/8/2011 - Mate in 8

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    Got stuck on the fourth move.  I wanted to play 4.Rh4+. Quite the jump in the level of difficulty from yesterday's puzzle




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    1 second is nulled

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    goodbye difference of one second

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    So...a few of the moves here seriously confuse me, especially 4.Bf6 which appears to allow Kxg4 (I see White can fork the queen afterwards, but it's hard to see how White can get a mate).  Can anyone who understands this better then me put together an analysis with other lines detailed?

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    Hey Bill do you owe me money? Do you smoke?

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    what rating do you think this puzzle is at ?

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    i wasn't first because i was with a girl

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    nice and easy, thanks:)

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    Not first.

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    Jacob30 wrote:


    Will someone please get Jacob30 a girlfriend?  He has some serious problems.

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    RishMaster wrote:

    i wasn't first because i was with a girl

    Can you please set Jacob30 up with one?  The guy really needs some help.

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    That was fairly easy for a Saturday.

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    I was first because I cheated. Yeah right at what. I don't know. You cheated anyway. Ahead of me. Because I won by a second and don't care about you turn my back to you in every site online etc etc

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    it was an excellent game

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    it was an excellent game

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    an excellent sacrifile and mate....cool

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    jacob30 needs to be like this black king

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