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11/18/2017 - Halberstadt, Ce Soir 1937

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    Darthom, the puzzle is early.

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    BryanCFB wrote:

    Tsadddek wrote:

    4. - Ng5 5. Kg2 - Ne4+ 6. Kf1 - Nd2+ and black wins.

    And how does black win after 7. Kf2?

    Sorry, black doesn´t have any means to block both of f1 and f2 with the same N.

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    a very, very good and instuctive puzzle....:) 

    couldn't solve....

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    I tried to tell you, Darthom.


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    1st page

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    early Puzzle

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    hectorobscura wrote:
    Skookumjoe wrote:
    hectorobscura wrote:

    Skookumjoe There is no need for religious connotation here, so take it elsewhere. 

    It isn't connotation which I have used there obscura, it is denotation.  I went right to it.

    Let me see if I get this right.  While talking about chess, we can use profanity, talk about certain days of the year which are important for one meaningless thing, or another, and use other inane remarks about a variety of subjects which no one is particularly concerned about; however . . . as soon as I mention a Biblical verse--that is over the top.  Really?

    You're wrong, there is no definition in the Oxford dictionary for John 8:21. Furthermore, your religious tripe is not warranted here. Here, we play chess that's it. Just as LaConseillante finds your comment offensive, I do too. The thing is you're simply retarded if you believe in the existence of an omnipotent being whom, thinks its okay for children to have cancer and war between ourselves because of a lack of human intuition, the sky is blue, the earth is round and space is vast. There is no god, not here, not anywhere. So move on. 

    You should look up "denote" my friend.

    I write one biblical verse reference, with my remark, and you are offended?

    That is funny Mr. Obscura.  Furthermore, does calling me names make you right?

    You know . . .  if God does not exist, what I put down with respect to Him should not matter to you at all.  Should not, in fact, make any difference whatsoever.

    I am afraid; however, that your wishing He doesn't exist, does not make it so.

    Hopefully, you did read John 8:21 at least.  Moreover Mr. Obscura, I did not write John 8:21.  I am not the composer of the Bible.

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    Darthom59 wrote:

    oops slipped

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    November 18th   Vichyssoise Day       http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/store/event/november-18-national-vichyssoise-day

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