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11/10/2012 - Graebner - Kamyschnikow, Kaiserslautern, 2006

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    whats with the Q???

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    Just my Initial :P

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    I wanted more than 1 comment on the first page :3

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    Nice finish. Black can die with or without his Queen.

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    Very Nice Money Mouth; & the alternate puzzles 2.


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    i finished im still not god at these

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    So much for being relavent in the comment section. 

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    Cool WOW !  Very clever stuff.

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    Hard puzzle,did all right untill move 4,Tried moving my Q but not to g7,I guess the idea was for black to take Q and then Re8 would be mate,but black does not have to take Q,black Q could move to d8,where does white move now? This was a lousy puzzle.Thank's Chess.Com,good day chess head's. I think Quino need's help.Whose going to find move's to mate?

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    puzzling......Foot in Mouth

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    nice one and second page

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    Quino24 wrote:

    I wanted more than 1 comment on the first page :3

    Cool Sir, you are an attention seeking idiot !!!  Not very nice, I know, but relevant.

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    JacekK wrote:
    Nice set up ,but that's why black tooK Bishop, If cxa5 its mate with Qb7,if black does not take R, It's mate with Ra8,nice job!
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    I think the puzzle ended too quickly, it should show why 4. Qg7 is winning else other players may be confused.
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    3rd page

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