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11/10/2012 - Graebner - Kamyschnikow, Kaiserslautern, 2006

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    Quino24 wrote:

    I wanted more than 1 comment on the first page :3

    Cool Sir, you are an attention seeking idiot !!!  Not very nice, I know, but relevant.

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    JacekK wrote:
    Nice set up ,but that's why black tooK Bishop, If cxa5 its mate with Qb7,if black does not take R, It's mate with Ra8,nice job!
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    I think the puzzle ended too quickly, it should show why 4. Qg7 is winning else other players may be confused.
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    3rd page

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    So combo...

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    mind blowing puzzle..Foot in Mouth

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    Good job yeah !

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    a very nice ending...

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    nice puzzle Wink

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    Very sophisticated play - way beyond me.

    Thanks, JacekK and dacster13 for showing some alternative lines and a continuation/conclusion that help me understand the thinking behind the master moves.  I worked out a concluding line that left white with a rook and 5 pawns to black's 6 pawns.  But it was much less efficient than the line shown by dacster 13.

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    nice work by dacster, I didn't look further into the game, I just assumed once the bishop was lost then the game is effectively lost.

    I hope that the stupid comments on the 1st page will be cracked down on, it's pretty much spam at times, who wants to see 1st 1st every damn day, we don't care morons, you wont be remembered in the halls of fame for being first on a puzzle.  Admins! delete the 1sts!

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    nice job...

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    Qg7... Wow.

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    wow.. double combo!

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    That was abstractly clever! I never saw Qg7 coming!


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