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11/10/2012 - Graebner - Kamyschnikow, Kaiserslautern, 2006

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    dranel916 wrote:


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    paulified22 wrote:
    dacster13 wrote:
    paulified22 wrote: 

    Good combination of move,white come's out with Q versus R, and should be able to win game,It still will be hard for white to win,he has to figure a way to advance pawn,and black has extra pawn,would like to see how game ended.Thank's for variation,I wonder if white would accept draw offer,all white's pawn's are blocked.My bad,pawn's are equal,

    Well I thought the endgame is straightforward, but here's a diagram to show what kind of continuation white can possibly do.


     Anyway, it's just an approximation on what may happen and I'm not entirely sure if there are better possibilities, but I think it's the simplest way for white to win.

    Nice example of different line's,I could tell it was going to be a long and drawn out end game,but white should be able to promote pawn first,he might even promote two pawn's before black can promote a pawn at all,Thank's for the work you put into annalyzing,good job dacster,it's ammazing how you got from puzzle's last move Qg7 to how it ended up,I admire guy's like you and the few other's who are willing to give explanation's to thoose who can't,they know who they are,GLO!!!

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    vanhafford wrote:

    A nice Queen Sacrifice leading to a Back Rank Mate administered by a Re8#.  Thanks for the lesson!

    Do you really think black would have taken the Qg7 bait? I beleive he would have moved to d8,it was to obvious a mate for black not to see had he taken the Q, I beleive thees are master's

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    incredible combo. Couldnt see it.

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    Clever things going on, but this isn't over yet.

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    Great puzzle. I always prefer those that arise from games.

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    great puzzle!!! got it all--but the Qg7 move eluded me. Brilliant move!!!!

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    14 Hours ; Alice I am going to send you to the moon.

    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    Quino24 wrote:


    Just like shockin a few weeks ago. Tradition?

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    Quino24 wrote:



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    wuh wuh...

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    Super puzzle

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    My answer to Polish player JacekK: 1.Bc6! b6?! 2.Qb5!! (instead of 2.Ra3) 2. ...ab5 3.Ra3 and 4.Ra8 mate.

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    Great unexpected move. I didn't see it...

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    Good one!

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    I have solved this puzzle

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    achintya4003 wrote:

    Another very nice puzzle from  achintya4003.  I spent most of my time searching for a 2-move mate like your last one but then realised it has to be 3 ! ...

    I remember seeing something similar once before but the key moves are always counter-intuitive & very hard to find    Wink


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