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11/16/2011 - Mate in 3

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    White had too much material advantage

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    easy mate...

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    Very clear and should have been obvious, but I did not get it on my own. Makes me feel stupid that I needed the "help" key on this one.

    Every move by black (1. ... h6 and 2. ... gxh6) was forced, and that allowed 3.Rh7#.

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    Bit easy

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    nice one

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    I don't like these "Win more or faster" puzzles. 

    Starting positions that seem even or losing are more engaging...

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    nice sacrifice

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    again sac. queen

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    Once you figure out the first move, there is nothing to think anymore. Good one though.

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    Great puzzle! Cool

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    nice puzzle,had to hit help for first move after several try agains,but was able to solve from there,I thought black would have to move R for some reason,once I seen Qh5 as first move,was able to see sacing Qh6+ for second move,pawn would cover Rh7#,good puzzle to see how good you really are.puzzle was not easy to me,that's why I do daily puzzle every day.Thank's Chess.Com.Good day chess heads,now to see how many people wrote their usual easy,with no explanation on how they solved,to bad we can't see how many people really solve so easy as they say,just a thought.

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    easy but good one...

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    Nice one.


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