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1/1/2011 - Mikhail Afanasjevich Zinar, Special Prize Shakhmaty v SSSR 1977

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    you didn't really need to go through this entire sequence..

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    qwik_draw wrote:

    That was terrible.

    I'll hazard the question, though:  Why not just pick up the h pawn and advance ours while both kings are up there midway through this?  Seems the time to get the queen and win.  Why work back down just to pick up the back material?  You'll get the queen before black can by far.

    Because the black king will follow the white one, take up position on f7, and white's king is trapped on h7-h8 and no progress can be made.

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    also weird.

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    Long Puzzle. Good though - when you start to understand why the moves where made..........

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    At 19 why wouldn't you do Kg7, then get black's h pawn then promote yours?

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    How do I copy this position to play it against a computer?

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    OK, a bit long..

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    This must be New Year's joke.

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    i doesn't understand 90% of the moves

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    I love this puzzle. very nice

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    it's not solved. black still can have a draw or win.

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    What the ????

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    wow. just wow.

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    ninjaguy56 wrote:

    wow, longest puzzle ever


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    cottonycloud wrote:

    I would just offer a draw because I would be too lazy to complete this sequence.

    So would I, even though 6.Kxa4 and push my a-pawn seems a good plan for me.

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    can't understand! what's the logic?

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    Amazing vision.  It's all about White finding a path where he doesn't either stalemate or get boxed in by the opposing King.  If I understood this study I'd never lose a K+P endgame ever again! So that's my chess studying for 2011 sorted out ...

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