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1/1/2012 - Mate in 2

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    easy but nice

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    I like it:)

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    ChessKungFu wrote:

    Hi. Just joined. I think my rating is about a 1600 or a 1700. But I really don't know for sure. Anyhow...not trying to rock the boat here, but I think the solution to this puzzle here is WEAK. I solved it in about 1 second. Rh8 then Qh7. The actual "solution" involves a fancy and unnecessary piece sacrifice. Just my 2 cents worth. Happy New Year.

    See post 107 above. Rh8 doesn't work bcz it give the King time to escape with Kf7 and after Qh7+...Ke6 or Ke8 which defeats the mate in 2 puzzle requirement.

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    Plain easy.

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    That's relatively easily to solve.

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    the_dark_raider wrote:

    Why is everyone so exicted about it being 2012? Aren't we all supposed to die in a Apocolypse this Fall?

    It's not during the fall, or the winter. It's the solstice :P

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    niiiiiiice easyy

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    The puzzle was very easy . at the same time very much interesting.

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    1- Rg7+ Kxg7

    2. Qh7#

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    1st 2012 puzzle finished! Now going back further heading 2011! Man I love puzzles!

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    finally i can login

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    Black's pieces help white win.

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    Tricky mate in two.

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