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1/12/2014 - Stahlberg - Boleslavsky, Zurich 1953

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    Yes guys.  The queen can block after 6. Qxe8+.  That is why it is not 6. Qxe8#.  It is not checkmate.

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    Marljon wrote:

    why h4 first and not Ne8?

    I don't think 1. Ne8+ works.  Maybe black's king can escape 1...Kg6, not a wise option after 1. h4 Ne1 2. Ne8+ (2...Kg6 3. Qg5#).  It looks a bit complicated though. 

    After 1. Ne8+ Kg6, if 2. Qg5+ then of course 2...Kxg5.  If 2. h4 first then 2...Bxe8.

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    chessmaster12344 wrote:
    GreatPawn7 wrote:

    What if instead of 6. Kg8 it was Kg6?


    A couple of times you missed Qg5# when by playing Qf6+ instead, black could capture Qxf6.

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    oh please shut upUndecided

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    good one..

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    Hard puzzle

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    Nasty :)

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    ¡Por favor, sea relevante, útil y agradable!

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    it doesn't work : queen can move f2 to f8...

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    Zarwan wrote:

    I was once like Maddolis (last week), desperate for the taste of glory, the fame, the immortality in the minds of the masses. I knew I could get all that by making it onto the first page of the chess.com's daily puzzle comments section. But, the question was, how could I achieve that?

    And thus begun my journey, fueled by my unquenchable thirst for eternal recognition. I was THIS close to cracking the First Page Algorithm, but oh! Fate had other plans for me.

    That night, just as I had cracked the FPA, taken a photocopy of the result, and hidden it under my bed, the Ant-Men crawled out from under my bed. “We have been here for eternity, knowing that it is in your destiny to crack this code and overthrow our underground regime of this world!” boomed their leader telepathically. My mind felt as if it would explode with the volume. “However, we shall not be overthrown that easily. We shall not give up. without. a . fight.”

    I drew my ChessSaber 626, but he merely blinked, and I was hopelessly paralyzed. Another blink, and the sheet of paper with the algorithm’s result combusted spontaneously. “Take him away”, he probably ordered telepathically, for his men came forward, picked me up (telepathically, of course), and began walking back towards my bed…… I passed out.

    I awoke, after how long I know not, and looked around. It felt as if I was in a room, but there was nothing around me. Nothing, as in, no floor, no ceiling, no walls, absolutely nothing.

    A white vortex.

    I was in stasis, just like Gordon Freeman.

    Well, the rest is history. I escaped from their dimension, crippling (but not destroying) their operations on the way, knocked out (but not killed) their leader, reached my bedroom, took out my photocopy of the algorithm’s result, executed the related exertions, and well,

    here’s undeniable proof that I was successful. First page, for the first time in my long, hard life. I can taste the glory. The fame. The immortality .

    However, you might ask, does this mean I have defeated the Ant-Men and saved the Earth? Well, look around you. Do you feel infinitely free, suddenly? As if the secret yokes of oppression have been lifted off your weary shoulders?


    I have done my duty. The answer, however, is yours………

    OK, this guy would be getting reddit gold.  Bravo, in particular for the Half-Life reference. 

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    chessmaster12344 wrote:
    GreatPawn7 wrote:

    What if instead of 6. Kg8 it was Kg6?


    No need for the double check, if black plays Kg6, white can immediately respond with Qg5#.

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    chessmaster12344 wrote:
    Nika124 wrote:

    this isnot chechmate. black can survive

    Be that as it may,


    white will always have a nice edge of a knight! :D

    Why trade queens when black's knight is up for grabs?

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    Bryan681972 wrote:
    nag1610 wrote:
    raghavprakash wrote:

    anyone aware of how it works after 1.h4 h6  ???

    This is how 1... h6 2. Kh3 Kg8 3. Nxf7 Qxf7 4. Qd8+ Kg7 5. Qd4+ Kf8 6. Qxd3


    2. Kh3 frees the bishop to join the attack.

    But what if black doesn't give away a piece with 2...Kg8 and plays another move, say 2...Qf6, instead?  Remember, white is still down a pawn.  Is white getting the bishop into the game enough?

    So you think black has the advantage after 1.h4 h6? It seems that way to me, which actually makes this puzzle "wrong" and "bad", but I haven't explored this line, so I really can't tell... Anyone up for it? Was black better off responding with h6 after 1. h4?

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    Very good

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    Great one!

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