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11/22/2011 - Mate in 3

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    Why do you hate queens...?

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    Last !!

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    Where's wednesday's puzzle?

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    5 times:(

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    queen check, knight check, rook mate.

    not difficult

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    the_dark_raider wrote:
    Mal wrote:
    the_dark_raider wrote:
    chessisgood wrote:

    First! (Usually I think the people who shout "first" are annoying, but I had to do it just once!)


    Hey chessisgood! How d'ya like being called a "Hippycret"? It's way cooler than a hypocrite, by the way :-)  I'm glad you were first. Have a great day!!

    Fine. HYPOCRITE. Jeez, get with the times, man. 

    Hey, Dark Raider, I thought Hippycret was waaaay better. Stick with it while you're winning, I say. Have a great day Cool

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    beginnerchica wrote:

    Hi I've always tried to play chess just for a little hobby mostly on the computer, in just 2 days I've learned what I haven't being seeing and perhaps a very important fact 1 the King is very evasive 2 if you attack the King without some form of back up he keeps running until he has no choice or until your most powerful piece is captured. Mostly I'm just trying to keep myself busy or something but I would like to learn thing is A. I'm a little bit of a slow learner, B. I want to learn at my own pace and not someone elses, C. Sometimes I loose intrest in whatever I'm doing at the moment or I get bored or frustrated because I don't know enough to try to capture the King. Any advice?

    Take up another hobby? Wink

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    Nice one

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    The ultimate Queen Sacrifice leading into an Arabian Mate/Checkmating Pattern!

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    sigh...last as usual.....

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    carlosmadura wrote:


    What does that mean?

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    Jacob30 wrote:
    carlosmadura wrote:


    What does that mean?


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    SerpentofSet wrote:
    Jacob30 wrote:
    carlosmadura wrote:


    What does that mean?


    Thank you.

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    Arabian mate returns.

  • #160

    Tongue OutQueen sacrifice again!Tongue Out


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