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11/26/2012 - Mate in 2

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    Nice puzzle, I stared at my Pawn, then my Queen, then my King, then the two pawns in front of the King. I wondered whether I could get stalemated. Then I looked at the Queening square and thought rook? still stalemate .. bishop? .. no checkmate .. Knight! .. now since you know my fascinating thought process, you can publish it and become a Cognitive Psychologist.

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    some times less is more

  • #103

    What about Qb5 Ka8 d8=Q?

  • #104

    Page 6!  Oh boy!

  • #105

    Ok, why not KxP, then only move left is K-b8 and P-d8 promoting to Q is also mate in the same number for moves for white?

  • #106

    It's good. At first I wanted to promote to a queen but that way lies stalemate. Ha!

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    Spent A Restless Night. Felt Out Of This Day. So Sick'n'Sleepless, I Failed Replying Early In The Morning Gray. I'm Completely Exhausted Now, Yet Absolutely Mad. Shit! Violent Diarrhoea All Night Long. Damned Politics! All Of You! Being Dreadful Invalid This Morning. Did Vote Last Saturday, Tho'. 

    Replay. "Bön'' Jöur'." 'is Puzzle Is So Ope It Must Be Bloody Monday Morning Now Believe I Got. Sorry. 

    Thank You In The Eve, chess.com

    I Have Been Up Since Yesterday Morning And Shall Take A Break In Any Moment. Must Get Some Rest. "Shit Happens!"Laughing

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    Couldn't someone in theory pull the queen out of the way for the first move to avoid a stalemate, then on the next move promote the pawn, and then go for  a back rank mate.

  • #110

    Why not Q-b5 
    --> Black king has to go to a8
    Promoto to queen => Checkmate...

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    is it be Caturday yet?

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    promote to queen its steelmate, this is fantastic puzzle!

  • #115

    This was a good one. Took me a minute to see that the pawn to knight promotion would end it.

  • #116

    Well, I tried a mate in 3 combo so I guess that means I missed it. However, I got it on the next try.

  • #117

    what abt 1. Qb5 Ka8 and 2.d8Q#

  • #118

    Earlier I wrote:

    "Ok, why not KxP, then only move left is K-b8 and P-d8 promoting to Q is also mate in the same number for moves for white?"


    OK, I see that this has the same problem as the Q-b5 move.  The King can go back to a7 on the promotion check, so it takes one more move to mate.

    Good problem.

  • #119

    Creative underpromotion to avoid draw.

  • #120

    good one indeed.


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