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11/27/2011 - Mate in 2

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    very easy

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    Nice puzzle.

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    easy baby...

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    My first inclination was to make Nf5 my first move to be followed by Rh6#.  But that would allow black to advance his pawn creating an escape square at g5.

    Better to check the black king immediately with my g-pawn - and now he is forced to h4 from which there is no escape.

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    very easy

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    I love sunday!

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    Yeah a nice and easy first! But it is Sunday... :)

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    robinkae wrote:

    it isn't the only way it works, Nf5 and then Rh6

    That was my first inclination, but 1. ... g4 opens an escape square for the black king.

    I think white wins eventually (captures the bishop, and the white king is pretty well protected by pawns while the black king is quite exposed.)  But it becomes an interesting game.

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    cant get easier than that!!!!

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    Nice puzzle but I also saw mate in five.

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    mattjchessum wrote:

    i dont get the sunday jokes.

    Sunday puzzles tend to be so simple that a turnip with brain damage can solve them. However this Sunday's puzzle required two whole moves to finish. Which is unusual

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    1st time ive seen mate in two on sunday. its usually mate in one

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    enjoy your Sunday........

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    Sunday's moving up in the world to mate in 2.

    Still too EZ.

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