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1/13/2013 - Mate in 2

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    Hope all enjoy their Sunday......

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    Very nice!

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    Thanks for the lesson.

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    f4 to f6 could also work

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    very easy

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    Not too difficult to complete but I must admit I couldn't see the mate that was available so quickly. Normally it would have taken me many more moves even when starting from such an advantageous starting position. Good puzzle. Thanks!

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    Ultraman81 wrote:

    Shouldn't they stop naming these puzzles "mate in 2" etc? Most of them are easy enough not to need the title giving us an extra hint on what the solution looks like...

    You are right that the "mate in 2" title is a sort of a hint.  (It made me look for a mate in 2, where otherwise I might have tried something else). However, telling that it is a "mate in 2" puzzle, defines the requirement to be met.  Otherwise, finding another forced mate line (say a mate in 3) can claim to be an equially good solution)

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    thx wayne !!

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    Thanks, abo_tammem_2012, for a really excellent puzzle in comment #102.

    I didn't see the logic of it until the very end.  I would have gone astray on all but the last two moves.  And I truthfully don't think there is any alternative way white could win it, but I'll have to look at some of the alternative routes for the king to get to e-1 (with a rook at f2 and the other rook preventing a free queen at a1)

    Yes, the sequences of the moves could be changed, and white could even let black promote at a1  delaying the checkmate one additional move (then capture the promoted piece), but the basic ploy of interposing the King on e1 or on f1 (to allow the Bishop to capture at f2 and be captured to discover a checkmate), is the way for white to win and probably the only way for white to win

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    =)  checkmate

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    easy :)

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    too simple!


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