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1/14/2012 - Mate in 7

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    inhouse wrote:
    neri_luiz wrote:

    Wouldn't it be more easy if we do this?


    It might be if it wasn't for the black bishop on h3.

     Couldn't have said it better mySZ.elf!


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    neri_luiz wrote:

    Wouldn't it be more easy if we do this?


    lol yes

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    7. Bb5#

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    To easy for me.

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    good one

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    It doesn't make sense, why didn't the king just take the rook in the first place?

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    This would take a lot of analysis to show that there isn't a faster way.

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    bartolomio wrote:

    i don't understand!

    why not Ae6+ ?

    help me, it's a mate in 2 for me


    the bishop on h3 can capture.

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    After a quick visual calculation and I haven't read all the posts yet, I think quick mating combinational because White's knight is covering c7-square is with 1.Qxd8 Kxd8 2.Rd1+ and now one variation would be...Bd6 (better is...Bd7 variations but White still has good chances) 3.Rxd6+ Kc8 4.Re8#

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    what's wrong with:

    1. Be6+ Qd7 (forced)

    2. Qxd7# 


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    @bartolomio mind the bisshop on h3

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    Waiting for Sunday.

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    interesting,took a blunder to make it work

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    bartimolo, its not mate because there is a bishop on h3 that captures your white bishop

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    This is certainly a neat puzzle.  I enjoyed it. It did take several tries for me,and at least for me, was not obvious.  Although if I was playing  black on move 5 I would have captured the Rook on d7 instead of moving to c8, which the King did eventually.  Unless I missed or overlooked something, I think he could have done so.  That threw me off.  I am sure there is a reason the King did not do so on move 5, I just don't see it at this time.  I will have to look again.  Anyone know?


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