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1/14/2012 - Mate in 7

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    fun one............

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    okay :) 

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    how can people plan seven moves ahead?

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    Come'onn!! Chess is losing its meaning, apparently. If the fastest checkmate is not the goal, then what is? Really mate, you lost me there. Not solved.


    __//__ EDIT:


    I withdraw my previous comments. It is a great puzzle indeed. Guess it's so great, one needsw time to properly get it. Thank you.

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    The puzzles are mostly about learning humility, I think.  However, if all moves are not forced, the puzzle is bogus!

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    Bishop check on e6 is mate in two

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           This one's got me?? Y not take the Rook Insted of moving the king? I had mate in two also. Thats not an issue with me but not taking the rook drives me crazy. Wats up? Could someone out there please explainUndecided

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    why not bishob e6 ???!!1

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    jamesing wrote:

    mate in 4


    In 3. Rad1+,

    Black would not cooperate by playing 3. ... Kc8.  Instead, Black would interpose with the move 3. ... Bd2. 

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    Wow, What a puzzle! I think it's flawed for 2 reasons though. Black could have used his h3 bishop first to block check from the white rook, and that would have been protected by the black king. Also in the solution black loses tempo with a retreat to (c8?) rather than eating the unprotected rook in front of him (I think move 5). So I'm not sure I would follow this line exactly unless I thought little of my opponent. It's too big a leap of faith, and frankly I don't think it would work if black played stronger. That said, the ending is brilliant because the bishop simultaneously gives check AND protects the rook beyond the king. That's a great lesson to take from this puzzle. Thanks!

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    pathetic puzzle!!!

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    KumarAnkur wrote:

    well i am skeptical on the 5th Rxd7 move...

    After 5. Rxd7,

    Black has only 2 possible moves:

    The first option, 5. ... Kc8, the move played by Black in the puzzle, led to mate 2 moves later.

    The second option, 5. ... Kxd7, would also have lead to mate 2 moves later:

    6. Bb5+ Kd8, 7. Re8#

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    Very nice.

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    Why couldn't the king take the rook?

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