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11/5/2011 - Mate in 6

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    gutartas wrote:
    gndlgisdbna wrote:
    suncountrynwa wrote:


    I think I got all the alternatives, let me know if I missed anything.  Great puzzle with some beautiful sacs!

    I got it wrong for the first time once at first and once at fourth. Otherwise, pretty cool puzzle. I want to post alternatives like you did. How can I do that?

    Press icon of a small board left top, and follow. Copy fen-pgn-or use blanc board.

    Position, game or a puzzle. Try and u will find out


    when board is done, press insert. After submitted, u still can edit your diagram

    For this diagram i have chosen blank board and a Puzzle chapter. Good luck!

    I think I got it. Promote variation button in the analysis board is the key. I could not figure out how to use it before. Now, I will start posting alternate moves. Awesome! Thanks for your help.

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    adamkim wrote:

    i never complain about this but it was too easy. the title just helped way too much

    How does the title help you. It was a 6 moves puzzle. It is complex.

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    melodyzhang wrote:

    a little dancing puzzle, no?... white is playing with black... fooling around with it... like a cat pouncing on a mouse and playing with it before eating it... black is rather dodging the blows... until, finally... HE IS CAPTURED AND KILLED!!!!!

    Not the right description I would say. Is the mouse going to kill a cat if the cat stopped threatening mouse even once?

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    inhouse wrote:

    After the first move 1. rxf7+ 1....rxr then white has to force mate or he will be mated himself.

    Even if it is not Rxf7, the black pawn at g2 would gxf1+. So, white needed to check from the first move.

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    mourka00 wrote:


    How many moves? or to the end game?

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    It's pretty easy ( I know because I was able to solve it)

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    love it 

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    either i got smart or really lucky cuz i dd this in under 2 minutes with one mistake

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    It's Undecidedalright

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    Great puzzle! Im becoming more aware of the board thanks to daily puzzle!Smile

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    helltank wrote:

    Heavy sacrifices in return for a checkmate... I wouldn't play this against a strong opponent... but nice combination.

    I was always under the impression that the point of the game was to win (via checkmate or resignation).  We have to be willing to sacrifce everything to secure this end.  Regardless of how strong the opponent, black loses in this situation if white sees it.  Otherwise white loses.

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    ric66nun wrote:

     move 4 why would the black king go to h7 and not g7?

    It doesn't help Black's situation


    5. Qxf7+  Kh6 (if 5...Kh8 6. Qg8#)

    6. Qg6#

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    Almost had it.....


    I sware :)

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    Great puzzle

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    walidwd wrote:

    there is another easier way  (e6-g6   e4-g6    f1-f8 )

    White has no answer for 1. Rg6+ Kh8

    Black is not obligated to take the checking piece.

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    Got the 1st move wrong, (went for the Queen sac too early), Once I got 1st move it all falls into place. Nice puzzle.

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    suncountrynwa wrote:


    I think I got all the alternatives, let me know if I missed anything.  Great puzzle with some beautiful sacs!

    Thank you very much suncountrynwa.

    I must admit this was the most difficult one.


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