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11/5/2011 - Mate in 6

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    very good

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    So nice so long

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    good puzzle

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    good one...

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    Simonmeow wrote:

    Rather agressive, but it gets the work done. Was this from a game, or was it made up for this?

    This came from an actual game.  Check out post #80 for the moves.

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    suncountrynwa wrote:


    I think I got all the alternatives, let me know if I missed anything.  Great puzzle with some beautiful sacs!

    Great job!  In your line 1. Rxf7+ Rxf7 2. Rxg6+ Kh7, the double check 3. Rh6+ is a move faster because if 3...Kxh6 4. Qg6#.  If 3...Kg7 or 3...Kg8, then 4. Qh7+ or 4. Qg6+ are each followed by 5. Qxf7#.  Also if 3...Kg8 4. Qe8+ Kg7 5. Qh8#.

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    this was made up,simonmeow

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    dufferps wrote:

    I deleted my earlier comment, because I made a mistake thinking I could force a mate in 7 after 1. Rg6+ Kh8, but I later realized my blunder.

    What was your mistake, the number of moves, or something else?  I thought I had followed all lines from that starting point through to mate, but evidently not even if just too slow. 

    The hardest thing about this puzzle was holding all the options and piece positions in  your head from start to finish.  There weren't actually all that many decent options at any given point, mostly due to the mate threat from black, and not a ridiculous number of responses to calculate either.  I'd only tried one other halfway promising looking first move before Rg6; and Rf7 would have been next on the list if I hadn't mistakenly thought that Rg6 had worked out.

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    Black threatens checkmate on g7xRf1=Q/R=#.  Instead of allowing mate; white gets the most out of his Rook at f1 w/Rf1xf7+.  Black reply; RxR. 2.Rg6+ Kf8  3.Rg8+ KxR  4.Qe8+!!; not Qe6?...Kh7  5.QxR+ Kh6  6.Qg6#/Checkmate!  Great lesson on the element of TIME!  What's advantage in time was a plus!  Thanks!

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    Evident that every move needed to be a check but what held me up was the number of alternative checks from the first move on.  I got there but 1.Rxf7 wasn't obvious to me !

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    Rook for more.

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    K279 you keep adding a comment to everything I'm tracking so that it says 1 comment. That's annoying. Just sayin.


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