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1/15/2011 - Mate in 6

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    Black's complete set of legal moves:

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    Brilliant! Took me a lot less time than most daily puzzles, but no complaints here...

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    RiptideRider wrote:

    Is anyone noticing that the queen dosen't need to sacrifiece on move 3?  If it takes out the rook like its positioned to then white looses.  This is a stupid puzzel lol.  Good idea with the queen sacrifice but i don't think white will win this one...

    As Flav787 points out, Queen moving to the 8th rank (taking out the rook or delaying by checking white king as in the puzzle) unpins the g-pawn to advance and checkmate.

    Brilliant Queen Sacrifice.  I didn't get it, and I even didn't see the line after I was shown the sacrifice.  I should have recognized how bottled-up the black king was and how dependent black was on keeping that g-pawn pinned.  Even when I made some right moves, I didn't see where it was going until the last two moves.

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    its my favorite defence.

    go green bay go!!!!

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    why not moove the f7 peon to f6?

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    Good one.

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    Post #89 was a hoot!  Thank you.

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    Its a bug one. Queen can capture Rook easily.

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    nice puzzle

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    Nice one, and I got it with only one little silly mistake.

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    good one indeed.

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    easy ?

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    not difficult.

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